I find I develop an separate focus with each piece I create.  Even when working in series I will discover the nuances unique to each form.  These individual characteristics may be the result of variances in moisture from one clay slab to the next, a more gentle or forceful touch, the use of a different tool or, sometimes, the inexplicable. With ceramics the kiln always has the final and total say.  The process itself, therefore, can be revealing as the work teaches me. Use the drop-down mwnu to browse 100's of images from the present and the past

The VISUALSOURCES are nearly always geographical or geological. There are images that are based on New Zealand rivers, volcanoes, skies, mountains and skies. Rich Pacific colour can be seen. Volcanic features, crevices faults, magma, braided river beds and terraces, ox-bow cut-offs, deltas and erosion make strong images.

TECHNICALLY, Modern technological studio production methods are employed in the production of some forms but totally unique hand crafted individual glazes are used to create the surfaces. Refined MINERALS AND OXIDES are combined to create endless variations of texture and colour. Glazes are applied in dozens of unique ways. No two designs are the same. In some cases locally-sourced papa rock, black sand and volcanic scoria and pumice is used on the surface of the clay.